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Opcrit 4 Windows
The operational criteria OPCRIT checklist for psychotic and affective illness has been designed to facilitate a polydiagnostic approach to mental illness. The package is specifically for the needs of the researcher and is intended to be used by clinicians or investigators trained in clinical research. It is not recommended for use by raters without previous experience in psychopathology and psychiatric diagnosis.

Click the "Download" link below to download Opcrit. This download is compressed zip file which will yield the actual installer files. Open WinopInstallerFiles.zip and when prompted extract the contents to a temporary location. One of the files extracted is Setup.exe. Run this setup file and follow the instructions to install the Opcrit. Depending on your system type and version of Windows, you may need to reboot your system once installation is complete. After installation, you will also need to download and run the installer for the october 2009 update (see below).

Enhanced Opcrit (Opcrit+)
An enhanced version of the Opcrit is now available. This version is called Opcrit+ and extends the ICD-10 functionality of Opcrit & uses the MySQL database system for storing data. It also allows multiple users to use a single networked database. Opcrit+ can be downloaded from the Opcrit+ homepage.

Important Update (october 2009)
This update corrects an ordering problem with DSM-IV ratings. Unzip the contents into the directory Opcrit was originally installed to.

We recommend you backup all the original files in the Opcrit directory (particularly the .dbf files) before installing the update.

Additional Programs that may be of use
SCAN extractorOpcritScanExtractor.exe
This program will allow you to extract data from the WHO SCAN program and import it into Opcrit. It does not require installation, just save it in the Opcrit installation folder and create a shortcut to it somewhere useful. All instructions needed are contained within the program.

Updates for Existing Users
Current EXE file:WinOp.exe(save in the Opcrit folder).
Item Guidelines:ItemGuidelines.pdf(save in the Opcrit folder).
Checklist (revised):checklist.pdf(save in the Opcrit folder).
Additional file: qrpt50.bpl (save in system32 folder under windows).
Language file: opcrit_english.ini(save in the Opcrit folder).
Language file: opcrit_espanol.ini (courtesy of Rafael Matinez Leal, Universidad de Granada)
Language intructionsLanguageFileCreation.pdf(save in the Opcrit folder).

Update issued correcting an ordering problem in the DSM-IV algorithms. Report functionality has been disabled for the time being due to compiler incompatibilities.

Further corrections made to the ICD10 and RDC algorithms fixing a problem with some depression and somatic diagnoses. The Farmer sub-type algorithm was also revised.

Corrections made to the ICD10, DSM-3R, DSM-4 & RDC algorithms and rating scales which fix problems with bipolar diagnoses (our thanks to Arvind Nongpiur for identifying the problem).

Corrected a problem with the language conversion causing elements to dissappear for Q49/51/52/53.

Language options added. Users can now create their own language files for Opcrit allowing non-english questions etc. Faults found in the SAS and Stata export routines were also corrected.

Ability to import CSV formatted data added. CSV file must contain the ID followed by the 90 ratings. One record to a line.

A printable report containing the summary field has been added, this can be used to print the summary for an individual record, or the entire dataset. The export routine for SPSS has been corrected and mousewheel scrolling support has been added for the dataentry and diagnosis panels. Finally, problems with the old Opcrit version import have also been corrected.

Item guidelines PDF added to the program adding to the overall documentation of OPCRIT. Also added a further export option for generating ASCII csv files from OPCRIT.

Problems found in the DSM-IV & ICD-10 Algorithms related to question 52 corrected (our thanks to Lisa Jones for pointing out the problem).

A couple of small errors were found in the algorithms for DSM-IIIR and DSM-IV. These have been corrected. The scroll bars have also been altered so proper scroll dragging works. Use the "WinOp.exe" link to download the update. It is a replacement for the actual Opcrit executable. Simply save the exe file over the existing one (which by default is in C:\Program Files\Opcrit for Windows).

If you have problems installing or running the Opcrit, please contact us on: james.rucker@kcl.ac.uk